Official Resource Packs & Optional Mods

Create more immersion on Celestial Expanse by downloading and installing these Resource Packs:

For Star Civs / Creative:


(Reccomended Packs)

StarCivs Resource Pack

(Full Immersive Experience.)

StarLite Resource Pack

(Custom Item/Block Textures & Mobs Only)


(Optional Packs)

(Custom OST/Music Pack)

Music Resource Pack

(Additional Sound Effects)

SFX Resource Pack

(Custom Skybox for Optifine)

StarForge Resource Pack

(Custom Skybox for Fabric)

(Requires: Fabric Skyboxes Mod)

"Fabric-Of-Space" Resource Pack


Improve Overall performance on Colossal Combat by downloading and installing the Official Fabric Modpack:

(These are Optional)

Celestial Expanse Pack 1.17.1 - JUST THE MODS

Just the Mod Files


Celestial Expanse Pack 1.17.1 - MULTIMC CONFIG

MuliMC Config/Setup