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Lock Picks

(Right click on a Privated Chest until it lets you open - Must NOT be in claimed Territory in order to work)

  Iron: 1/10 Chance
  Chests: 1/15 Chance
  Wood: 1/5 Chance


Automated Crafters
 - Place a Dropper into the World.
- Put an Item Frame on any side of the Dropper.
- Place the Item you wish to craft in the Item Frame.
- Supply the Dropper with resources required to create said item.
- Done!



Hopper Filters
 - Place a Hopper into the World.
- Put an Item Frame on any side of the Hopper.
- Place the Item you wish to sort in the Item Frame.
- Rotate the Item in the Item Frame, to determine the sorter's In/Out function.
- Done!


Shields utilize a system which negates the majority of explosion block-damage within their effective area. Players and Entities will still loose health.
Shields also require a fuel to function, and without thier fuel, are just a regular Dropper.


Shields (Droppers) require Four Prismarine Crystal (Items) per One explosion, to protect in a 20 block radius.

Beacon Portals

Beacon Portals are pretty simple in how they work in game.


You start with a lit (or unlit) Beacon. It must have a base of some kind.



It then checks the ring of blocks around the base, giving the Beacon a "Name"/ID.



 When searching for a Destination "Name"/ID, the System will check for another ring above the first, and the will pick the first one it comes across.



A Two-way connection.

Once it finds the equal and opposite ID, it will teleport the player to the destination beacon. Now there's a little more to it.

To "activate" a Beacon Portal you have to use it.

To use one you sneak on it. Remember it doesn't have to be set to go anywhere to save the beacon.


Optics are a good way to travel a short distance quickly. To use them right click the [Optic] Sign to be teleported to the lodestone.

To make one, place an iron block with endstones and pistons (must be facing another piston or end rod) to lead to a lodestone. Then right click the [Optic] sign (placed on the iron block)



Radars tell you how far away players are in a set range. This range can be increased by making the iron bar section taller. (Effective Maximum of 25 Iron Bars)

Raders can tell you:

  • Which many players are near
  • How far away they are (X/Z/Y Axis)

Place a Redstone Block in the Dispenser to activate it. Click the button to use.

RPower/Remote Signs

[SEE Utility & Control Signs]


These provide the means of converting other, potentially common resources, into more useful and harder to obtain supplies. Refineries require a single Blast Furnace, encircled by Redstone Blocks, with a Barrel, or some other Inventory/Storage Block above (Input) and below (Output).

(Using the Network/Server's Resource Pack)

(Refineries only activat if a Player is within a RADIUS of 7.5 Blocks, so a 15 Block DIAMETER)

Conversion/Refine rates are as follows:

  • 9 Rotten Flesh
    • 1 Charcoal
  • 8 Bone
    • 1 Charcoal
  • 1 Bone Block
    • 5 Charcoal
  • 12 Bonemeal
    • 3 Charcoal
  • 6 Emeralds & 9 Redstone Dust
    • 1 Crystallized Radon (Hyperfuel)
  • 12 (Regular) Stone & 1 Quartz
    • 1 Copper Ore
  • 12 (Regular) Andesite & 1 Flint
    • 1 Tin Ore
  • 8 Sweet Berry & 1 Cobblestone
    • A randomized combination of: Red Dye, Brown Dye, Purple Dye, Magenta Dye and/or Pink Dye
    • 1 Flint
  • 3 Cobblestone
    • A randomized combination of: Iron Nuggets, Gold Nuggets, Charcoal, Sand, Flint, Gravel, Clay Balls, Bonemeal, and/or Gravel


Mechanized Doors & Bridges

These allow for toggleable Blast Doors & Draw Bridges that function separately from Crafts, and can push through Air, Water, and/or Lava. With a max range of 16 blocks, and being Observer compatible as well, you must have at least 1 more than the amount of Blocks Deployed, to successfully Retract.

Usable Blocks include:

Stained Glass Blocks, Stone Bricks/Chiseled Stone Bricks, Concrete, Cobblestone, Smooth Stone, Endstone/Bricks, Slabs, Red/Sandstone and Normal Glass Blocks