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Quick Facts:

Almost all crafts require: Engines - (Sea Lanturns AND/OR Redstone Blocks), and Lift - (Wool/Carpet) and/or Hull - (Iron Blocks, Any Glazed Terracotta, Any Planks, or Any Slab)

Additionally, larger Spacefaring crafts: Reactors - (Beacons)

If a craft looses approximately 85% Reactors/Lift the ship will begin to sink until it collides with something below.

If a craft goes below its minimum engine requirement, it will be disabled, meaning it will now be unable to move; despite having Fuel and Lift.


(Coal, Charcoal, AND/OR Coal Blocks) are required in Furnace(s) on all Vehicles for Movement, unless specified otherwise.

(Crystallized Radon) is used by CraftType which are Teleportation/Jump capable between/within Orbits.

Crystallized Radon is obtained primarily through mining Redstone Ore.

The Crystallized Radon cost is calculated as follows:

(((CraftSize) - 15) / 50) + 3



Teleporting/Jumping takes time to Warm Up, and while this is occuring the Vehicle which is preparing to Jump CANNOT Move, Rotate, or be Released (even via disconnecting)

The Vehicle will fail to Jump if not enough Crystallized Radon is found pr an obstruction is at the destination (Still uses Radon even if unable to Jump).

The Vehicle will succeed Teleportaton/Jumping if there is enough room to Move in the area of the Destination, AND if there is enough Crystallized Radon in the Top-Slot of the Craft's Fuel Reserves/Furnaces.

The Warm Up Time is calculated as follows:

(((CraftSize) - 50) / 25) + 12



A Note on Crystallized Radon Costs and Warm Up Times:

  • CraftSize is the actual block-count of the craft which is Warping.
  • Use order of operations to help determine the correct amount. (The + 3 is added last in the Crystallized Radon Costs equation)
  • Use order of operations to help determine the correct amount. (The + 12 is added last in the Warm Up Times equation)